Your Questions Answered

In order to make things as easy as possible, we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any questions regarding the booking of your course, you may find the answer below. If your particular question doesn't appear below, you can ask it by completing the form at the bottom of the page.

When should I book on my course?
As soon as possible. Places on our courses are highly sought after and as a result can often sell out months in advance.

How do I book onto a course? 
Click book a course on the right hand tab or on the training drop down. Select Resettlement, Public or Corporate and complete the necessary forms. Should you have hard copies of our application form, complete it and send it to the office address detailed on the form.

Do I need any previous experience in telecommunications? 
No previous experience is required for Transition Plans 1 through to 9 as these are designed for absolute beginners as well as those who have had previous experience. However for those intending to do a stand-alone one week BTEC course some prior knowledge is required. This is because these are advanced technical courses.

Do I need to be a Forces Leaver to do the training? 
No. Our courses are suitable for anyone looking to pursue a career in telecommunications. We train as many non-forces personnel as forces leavers.

How do I make a provisional booking?
Go to our contact us page and email your provisional booking or alternatively telephone 01522 880900.

What documentation do I need to complete? 
Complete the CTTS application form then if you are a forces leavers you will require the "Appendix 1 Agreement by a Civilian Firm to provide Pre-Release Vocational Training or Work Experience for a Member of the Regular Forces - MOD F1746" to be stamped and signed. This can be emailed, faxed or posted to us for completion at your earliest convenience once a provisional booking has been made. This form can be obtained from your Unit Admin Office.

How do I know if there are any places left on the course dates I want? 
Telephone or email our offices to check availability. If you make a provisional booking and it is confirmed pending receipt of your deposit and application form.

Is my deposit refundable? 
Yes, less an administration fee of £25, providing we are given 21 days’ notice before the course start date of your wish to cancel your place either by email, call or letter.

What happens once I have paid my deposit? 
You will receive a full set of joining instructions with all the information you require to attend the course. MOD Forces Leavers will receive necessary documentation, including a breakdown of course costs and accommodation for submission to Unit Pay Offices. 

What courses should I do? 
CTTS firmly believe you should maximise your employment prospects by taking the course that offers you the best value in terms of qualifications gained and money spent. For resettlement students this would be Transition Plans 1-4, which involves seven weeks based at our training centre, followed by two weeks in-field training at a date convenient to you.

Where can I find out more information?
Attend one of our FREE one day seminars. For details see our home page or fill in the form in the information pack and return it to our offices. Should it not be possible for you to attend the seminars, email or call our offices to arrange a personal visit.

As an MOD Forces Leaver, when should I undertake my resettlement training? 
First and foremost, when your unit allows you. Apart from that it depends on individual preference whether you wish to undertake your training early and have more time to find suitable employment or undertake your training leading to your termination leave so you are ready to go straight into employment upon completion of your in-field training.

When can I undertake my in-field training? 
Whilst on the course you will agree a date and location for your in-field training. 

Where will I undertake my in-field training? 
We will endeavour to place you in the area of your choice, which is usually where you intend to seek employment.

As an MOD Forces Leaver, how do I get my resettlement funding? 
Speak to your Unit Pay Office, your Resettlement Officer or a Career Transition Partnership Consultant, they are in the best position to advise you.

Can I use Enhanced Learning Credits? 
You can use your ELCs for our courses. Our ELC Provider Number is 1323. 

When are the course fees due? 
Course fees should be cleared in our account on or before the course start date. We will contact you three weeks before the course starts to give you the payment options. Usually fees are paid by debit card, internet or telephone banking or by cheque. Credit cards will incur a 2% surcharge, so payment by this method is not recommended.

What support do I get after completing the course in gaining employment? 
All clients are held on our job database for life. CTTS continually monitors the employment trends within the telecoms industry and should opportunities arise within your geographical area, we will contact you. We also constantly receive requests from employers for personnel to fill their current vacancies.

what our clients say

"Just want to pass on my thanks to you and the rest of the team at CTTS for the training and after care support. The work placement went well, I picked up some valuable experience and really enjoyed it. I have just been offered work as a Fibre Engineer and can’t thank you enough."