N28 One Fibre Network Cabling in the UG Network

N28 One Fibre Network Cabling in the UG Network

Prerequisites for the accreditation modules – Smart Awards SA001 OH Safety and SA002 UG Safety.
The module target audience for all the N Series accreditations listed below are for engineers working on the Openreach network including BT Northern Ireland, BT Operate and External Suppliers (Contractors).
These modules are an essential requirement for any Engineer/Contractor carrying out provision on FTTP strategic UG & OH Build or OH and UG cabling.
It will check the delegates understanding & ability to complete provision of the underground and overhead network from Aggregation node to connectorized BT (CBT) using current Openreach working practices and quality standards.

N28 – One Fibre Network Cabling in the Under-Ground Network – 1 DayThe 1/2 day of training is designed to equip the delegate with the necessary OFN skills that are essential prior to undertaking the N28 accreditation assessment.

Training content:
Using the correct tools, equipment and working practices the delegate will be trained on the below tasks to the Openreach quality standard expected.

1. Hand rod and rope in the UG network using hand rodding cabling techniques
2. Install COF250 and COF215
3. Fit and mount a Mobra within the Openreach joint box
4. Correctly Mount a CBT onto a Mobra
5. Restrain cable using cable straps and bears or Kit joint support
6. Be able to explain the and demonstrate working practices and the required quality standards

Practical Assessment
This assessment will test the delegate’s knowledge of and ability to install OFN cables in the U/G network where hand rodding is the chosen option
Duration : Questionnaire 45 minutes Practical 4hrs

As a prerequisite, the delegate must have successfully passed the following accreditation module;
AEI/ACC/K008 Hand rodding in the U/G network
The engineer will be required to install a COF250/COF215 tail between a minimum of 3 U/G boxes, fit a Mobra/pivot arm within an allocated joint box and then mount the CBT. The engineer will demonstrate to the assessor they have a full understanding of the correct working practices and the required quality standards

We will deliver the training on the morning of day 1 then the assessment accreditation on afternoon of day 1

Course Details

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Location: CTTS National Training Centre
  • Price: Available on Request
  • Exam Board: Openreach Chief Engineers Office Accreditation

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